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 The complex dangers and risks which exist after September 11th, 2001 threaten not only historical terrorist’s targets but elevate risk assessments for every American. In response the U.S. Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Consortium strongly recommends multidimensional coordination and partnership between traditional law enforcement and private security. – COPS National Policy Summit 2004-

Marshall Protection Services

​Marshall Protection Services is a full-service Executive Protection, Private Security and investigations firm serving the Tampa Bay area and the rest of the state of Florida. We are locally owned and operated with our headquarters centrally located in Pinellas County. Our Command Officers and Marshall's have decades of experience in Private security, Law Enforcement and the US Military.

We are dedicated to offering you some of the most capable Protection Officers in the business. We are proud of the excellent team we’ve assembled. We place ongoing training and continuing education for our officers among our highest priorities.

Make no mistake – we are not a Security Guard Company. The Marshall's are the real deal. We are definitely not mall cops! Choosing Marshall Protection Services to protect your property and your loved ones is your wisest choice.

 These professionals are fully trained and after meeting the State of Florida stringent requirements, they are registered (licensed) with the Department of Agriculture in the state of Florida. They have been background checked and knowledge tested by FDLE. Our armed officers have received many hours of classroom training and have been range qualified. They are certified in the use of batons and pepper spray. They receive continuing education and license renewals every two years. In addition, all Marshall's must range qualify bi-annually.

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