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Larry Sims, Larry E Sims

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The Marshall's are an equal opportunity employer that seeks State D & G Licensed officers of the highest caliber. If you’re interested in being part of a "THE" team, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. Thank you for your interest.

Marshall Services Careers

Welcome to a uniquely different Company. Most Security companies do only what their name says they do.. Secure a place or thing. Another words they observe and report. We are different, we believe that in order to protect you must be Proactive  instead of reactive. We do not want to simply report on an incident, we are trained and educated in the process of actually STOPPING and/or PREVENTING  an issue from becoming an Incident.

 In today's environment crime prevention has become the burden of the citizens. Law enforcement agencies are stretched thin and simply cannot protect you or patrol your property routinely. That’s where we come in.  ​

The Marshall's provide a broad range of Protection and investigation services that will keep you and your property safe. We are a Force Protection company that utilizes both Covert and Overt protection. When your life, the life of someone you care about or your property of any type is at risk call the Marshall's. A Proactive Protection Company.​e your paragraph here.